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Weight lifting straps are simple workout accessories designed to help you get a better grip on weight bars while training.

Lifting straps wrist straps for weight lifting feature a simple loop for your hand and a “tail” that wraps around the bar, securing your grip.

  • GRIP SUPPORT TO LIFT MORE WEIGHT – Our weight lifting straps provide neoprene padding to support your wrists and hands as you shrug, deadlift, or complete a heavy back day. Order them now and try them risk free. You’ll represent a brand that stands for something and takes no excuses. These highly durable, long “no slip” straps enhance any workout no matter the lift or routine.
  • BUILT TO LAST THROUGH THE TOUGHEST TRAINING SESSIONS – There are many iterations of lifting straps with cheap quality, stitching, and fabric. You paid good money for your membership and supplements why not treat your weightlifting accessories the same. Dungeon Gear straps are a gym bag necessity built to last through the toughest training sessions whether you’re recovering from an injury or breaking a new PR. 
  • BEST GYM WEIGHT LIFTING WRIST WRAPS (SET OF 2) – Our deadlift straps help to eliminate grip strength fatigue and target muscle groups like your back, traps, and other muscles that are affect by pulling movements. Lift painlessly with the comfort and mobility of our fully adjustable lifting straps.
  • WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR TRAINING AND MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUTS? – Our thick deadlift straps allow you to lift heavier weight with the versatile design and increased length. Wrap our lifting straps around the bar 2-3 times in comfort to take you training to the next level.

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